The Azores

From abroad, you can fly to Portugal with the portuguese airline TAP. You can also fly directly to the Azores with SATA the azorian airline, which has direct connections from some european, american and canadian cities to São Miguel Island.

From Lisbon or Oporto it is possible to fly, both with TAP or SATA, to the archipelago of the Azores and to Pico Island, either by direct flights or stopping over in other azorian islands. In the archipelago of the Azores there are connections, whether by air or by sea, among all the islands.

The Homepico Houses

The HomePico houses are served by good roads from Pico Island Airport (2.5 miles away) or the Madalena Ferry Port (6 miles away), easily reachable by rental car or taxi. We recommend that the car reservation be done well in advance (see Useful Links )